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dundundundundunnnudnunn [26 Feb 2005|02:13pm]
[ mood | get dressed ]

worst saturday ever.

hmmmm, there might be a chance for me & this darrin kid yet. i'm looking forward to monday. i haven't said that & meant it in a while

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[28 Nov 2003|09:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

cwathadhapenwuz: hey
Mlb01ramirez: hey
Mlb01ramirez: who is this
cwathadhapenwuz: tasha
Mlb01ramirez: is this tasha?
cwathadhapenwuz: yes
Mlb01ramirez: yup
cwathadhapenwuz: slow kid
Mlb01ramirez: kool i love your screen name.
Mlb01ramirez: i'm not slow
cwathadhapenwuz: LOL
cwathadhapenwuz: i was bored
cwathadhapenwuz: so cwathadhapenwuz
cwathadhapenwuz: so what r u doin?
Mlb01ramirez: of course i should have known, it's like your signature line. i thought you were one of those people trying to send me free lesbian porn or something i was scared
cwathadhapenwuz: hey check your mail
Mlb01ramirez: o.k.
Mlb01ramirez: there's nothing there, i'll check later though k?
cwathadhapenwuz: WHAT?
Mlb01ramirez: i'm upsdating my journal
cwathadhapenwuz: lol
Mlb01ramirez: ??? oh. i don't know i was scared
Mlb01ramirez: :-)
cwathadhapenwuz: my other on is "Beths friend said"
cwathadhapenwuz: *one
Mlb01ramirez: haha
Mlb01ramirez: kool
cwathadhapenwuz: now do you have mail?
Mlb01ramirez: yes but not from you. it's to enlarge my penis
cwathadhapenwuz: nothing from livejournal?
Mlb01ramirez: no i have to update my email address for them or something
cwathadhapenwuz: click it
Mlb01ramirez: o.k.
cwathadhapenwuz: what happen?
Mlb01ramirez: i don't know i haven't done it yet i have to go through a bunch of other things.
cwathadhapenwuz: do it its important
Mlb01ramirez: o.k.
Mlb01ramirez: i didn't change my email address though
cwathadhapenwuz: did you do it?
cwathadhapenwuz: i did something for you silly
Mlb01ramirez: yes i'm doing it right now
Mlb01ramirez: oh o.k:-)
Mlb01ramirez: i got one of those thingys that say my moods and stuff. how coool
Mlb01ramirez: thank you
cwathadhapenwuz: welcomes!
Mlb01ramirez: how awesome i'm going to one day put high for my mood
cwathadhapenwuz: you know how it said public?
Mlb01ramirez: yes
cwathadhapenwuz: next time scroll down and put friends
Mlb01ramirez: o.k.z
cwathadhapenwuz: go to most eacnt rentries
Mlb01ramirez: for what?
Mlb01ramirez: in my journal?
cwathadhapenwuz: so you can c what i did
Mlb01ramirez: with what?
Mlb01ramirez: you wrote in my journal kool
cwathadhapenwuz: soory i was bored
cwathadhapenwuz: *sorry
Mlb01ramirez: it's o.k
Mlb01ramirez: it's cool when you do that it's funny
cwathadhapenwuz: do what?
cwathadhapenwuz: the post?
cwathadhapenwuz: do you have mail?
Mlb01ramirez: yes when you post i don't need the patch.
cwathadhapenwuz: OoO
cwathadhapenwuz: lol
Mlb01ramirez: lol
cwathadhapenwuz: check your mail
Mlb01ramirez: i did nothing yet. it probaly went to a different name or something but i'll check before i get off.
cwathadhapenwuz: grrrrrrrrrr
Mlb01ramirez: why?
cwathadhapenwuz: cuse
cwathadhapenwuz: what r u doing??
Mlb01ramirez: nothing. what r u doing?
cwathadhapenwuz: every one
cwathadhapenwuz: opps
cwathadhapenwuz: i told you my secret!
Mlb01ramirez: ha h/o
cwathadhapenwuz: lol
cwathadhapenwuz: j/k
Mlb01ramirez: that's your secret????!!!
cwathadhapenwuz: no
Mlb01ramirez: oh o.k.
Mlb01ramirez: i was about to go mexican on you
Mlb01ramirez: :-):-*
cwathadhapenwuz: LOL
Mlb01ramirez: lol
cwathadhapenwuz: your were gonna molly wopp me a good one, huh?
Mlb01ramirez: sure was
Mlb01ramirez: lol
cwathadhapenwuz: HAHA
cwathadhapenwuz: so what if it is?!?!
Mlb01ramirez: no not really i was just gonna be like'man why didn't you tell me earlier?
cwathadhapenwuz: OoO
Mlb01ramirez: 'why would i trip?
cwathadhapenwuz: >_<
Mlb01ramirez: ???
cwathadhapenwuz: lets see why would you trip?
Mlb01ramirez: ???
cwathadhapenwuz: i can think of a million reasons
Mlb01ramirez: lol
Mlb01ramirez: me 2
cwathadhapenwuz: then why did you ask?
cwathadhapenwuz: silly gurl!
Mlb01ramirez: ???
Mlb01ramirez: i'm not silly:-)
cwathadhapenwuz: OKAY thats it
Mlb01ramirez: no sarcasm
Mlb01ramirez: :-)
cwathadhapenwuz: me neither ;-)
Mlb01ramirez: but it's the magic number '9' and you now what that means? i gots to go. luv ya mucho!!! i'll call you tommorow . kiss!!

my BETH what ever would i do with out her?

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[25 Nov 2003|11:20pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

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